The Platform

Main view
Photo: Eliška Vojtková


Place: Prague, Czech Republic
Type: Realisation, Public Space

7 sq. m.

Team: Shota Tsikoliya, David Kovařík, Studio Architecture III UMPRUM
Collaboration: Adam Varga, Dan Sviták







The crisis of recent months is forcing us to rethink topics that we until recently took for granted. One of them is the idea of public space as an open platform for meeting people and exchanging ideas, a space without borders that is suddenly confronted with security rules. Just as these risks first affected the public areas of airports and later social public events, now the public space in general is affected by strengthening security rules.  The thematic installation in the Holešovice market in Prague deals with the topic of distancing in public spaces.

The Platform, a public meeting and distancing space will be created on 6,5 sq.m. Made of 25 concrete panels, each 0,5x0,5m, with variable thickness between 2 and 8 cm, following the example of baroque gardens, it creates new patterns that should manipulate the visitors into the new demands on public spaces. Can these public space textures meet new demands? The whole project is conceived as an experiment. Targeted data collection will be evaluated and processed as a separate case study on the topic of public space texture.



Foto: Shota Tsikoliya
Foto: Shota Tsikoliya